Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How Do I Get Ads Sent To Me?

First go to the Products page and click on a Product.

It will ask you to enter your name, city and contact info.

Enter payment details and depending on the product you will be added to the list or able to download and install the software.

Product info

What products do you have?

Currently there are 3 products available. Real Estate Finder is a product that runs on our server, notifying you of ads in real estate by non-agents that are looking to buy or sell real estate including homes, condos and land. Real Estate Finder App is a full application program that runs on your PC or laptop allowing much more customization and exclusively sending ads to you. Vehicle Finder App, similar to the Real Estate Finder App, also runs on your PC or laptop sending you ads for vehicle deals either with people looking to buy or sell and allows full customization of which type of vehicles will be sent to you. See our Products page for full details.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment is done through Square for credit card and debit card payments. Also cash or Certified Check or Money Order is accepted in person. Once payment is required, we will send you a notification to pay to. Or address for mailing cheque or money order.

Other Projects

Can you look for ads or other information from other sites?

Yes we do custom site searching, filtering and emailing to you, please use our Contact page to inquire for further details.


What is your policy on cancellation?

You can cancel at any time, there are no commitments.

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