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Phone Card Companies
"AdWatchman completed my project quickly and efficiently without problems. It is obvious that they have deep knowledge of their job. I will hire them again on my future projects."
Nikos K
Extracting Classified Data
"Easy going,Great communication,Professional and believe in doing the job right,want to do the job professionally without the need to worry about anything? AdWatchman was the best!"
Ahmed A
Environmental Information
" AdWatchman was efficient and a pleasure to work with. They understood the brief well and were very proficient with their results. I highly recommend for others to use."
PT Web Design
List of College Courses
"Experienced, quick, professional and good quality. Will definitely hire again! "
Chun Q
Costume Site Data
"I am very pleased with both the outcome of the project and the service received throughout. They kept me informed of the progress through the project and was very accommodating when I requested a last minute addition to the project. I would not hesitate in recommending them to all."
Mike P
Sunglasses Companies
"Very good experience: competent, patient, stuck with things to get errors sorted and minor changes accommodated. Recommended."
Enterprise Hub UK
Image Storage
"I have hired so many others for the same job on searching images that was up to today"s expected speeds. AdWatchman were the only ones that were able to complete the job and did it 100 times better than I thought could be done. "
Roger S
Phase 2 Web Search
"They were prompt and responsive. Good communicators. I will seek them out in the future as new requirements arise."
Frank F
Data Sensitive Extraction
" are very professional and easy to work with. They delivered what they agreed to and are mature enough to not get in over their heads. If they say they can do it, then they can do it. I have enjoyed working with them. I would hire them again. "
BFMS Projects
Blinds Price Data Mining
"I cannot recommend AdWatchman enough. They are very talented programmers with a true commitment to the job. The job they helped us with was very complicated with many problems to solve. They worked so hard to make our wish a reality. Communication was excellent throughout with constant update. 150% happy!!!!! "
Andy S
IP Info
"They are professional programmers who take their work seriously, and have the ability to meet deadlines. They delivered exactly what I provided as requirements, and communicated throughout the project phase to provide timely updates. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking excellent searching results."
Security Today